Art in meditation – Meditation in art

My Mandala paintings dating from 2017 and 2018 started coming up in a very natural and meditative flow and process.   For many years I used to paint flower arrangements, and somehow completely naturally and unconsciously, the flowers started to flow in circles. In the process of this new experience I began to look for the meaning of Mandalas and read that they have been used for meditative practices in many cultures, their meaning being very complex on a profound philosophical level. The mandala is technically a representation of the enlightened mind. And since I have been practising meditation for decades now, this is were I can find the explanation of my urge and inner drive to draw and paint them. I can simply say that the ones I paint offer feelings of beauty and love and that of equanimity. It is very easy to lose your thoughts by looking at the many levels that a mandala offers. As you can see, they are inspired by flowers, in many cases by a single flower.

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