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Alma Almira Sarvan was born in Sarajevo in 1972. Her artistic endeavor started when she moved to Austria in 1995 and was initiated by the paintings of Gustav Klimt. She says she felt frozen in time and stripped to the core of life in front of his paintings. While taking painting classes in Minneapolis, USA in a local college, she started traveling trough the USA visiting artists and museums. In 1999 she had her first exhibition in St. Paul’s Artist District. Her artistic vision is deeply rooted in beauty, both the complexity and simplicity of nature as well as the bodies and shapes found in it. She developed a passion for integrating natural elements in her art. In her series entitled “Aquarium” and “Elephants”, she depicts the beauty of natural details and shapes invisible to our eyes. Her last exhibition entitled „Sounds of Wind“ held in the Cultural Center Marmaris, Turkey consisted entirely of elements that she found in nature: stones, palm leaves, shells and other material from which she had built wind mobiles. This is also visible in her series „World of Light“, in which she designed and handcrafted carved wooden lamps with soft eastern elements, which reflect light and patterns on walls. Some of her other exhibitions include solo shows in the Sarajevo Galery Novi Hram and Galery Java in 2000, and a group show in 2005 within the frame of the „Baraka“ project. Currently the artist lives in Sarajevo and draws large mandalas based on flower patterns and geometry. In her art, you can find that endless search for the spiritual, and the bond that unites us all together- plants, animals, humans, water, cosmos….- as if we are many but just one.

Freelance Projects:

2018 Art/Social project „Womans strength“, awarded Silver Snowflake by Sarajevska Zima Festival http://sarajevskazima.ba/en/flags/
2018 and continue – Activ member of Anonymous for the Voiceless Organisation
2017 „World of Light“ Art Project Sarajevo
2015 „Sounds of Wind“ The Cultural Center Marmaris, Turkey
2001 Baraka Art Project: International art project – exhibition
2000 Art shows in Sarajevos Galery Novi Hram and Galery Java
1999 Art show St. Pauls Artists district, Minneapolis/ St. Paul

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