As long as animals are murdered, tortured and caged there will be no peace nor happiness for humans ether. We are a drop in the Universe that functions by simple law of cause and effect.

Life chane, Ink on paper 21x30cm
Life chane, Ink on paper 21x30cm


“How smooth life is, how clear — it runs so naturally, when everything is going well. And all that’s needed is just one hitch. Then you discover that it’s thick and dark, that you know nothing whatever about anybody, either yourself or anyone else — what they are, what they think, what they do, how they look upon you”.

– Simone de Beauvoir


Shaman Way

As birds collect branches and shiny objects I collected palm leaves, shells and beads. Those are the results of my observation of nature, as well as they are a direct part of it. Please enjoy..

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